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We make Equi-Tards, the all in one Lycra horse cover. These are ideal for show horses or horses with sun or allergy issues. This is a zippered lycra hood, blanket, wide bellyband and hind leg straps, all in one. All seams are serged for stretch, and the hemline has elastic in it for durability. The leg straps have snaps that are rust proof nickel plate. The bellyband zips shut, and is 25" long for the ultimate in belly protection. Machine washable.

Custom orders have been from a 5 week old Miniature to Warmbloods.

Optional features:
Ear covers: permanently sewn on covers that protect your horses ears from dirt and bug bites = $5.00
Names sewn on the lower front hem in 1/2" tall letters, your name or horses nickname = $5.00
Tail casing: a permanently sewn on sheath of fabric that your horses tail hangs freely inside of = $10.00

Miniatures to 34" tall = $85.00
Horses from 35" tall and up = $130.00
Extra large horses are additional. These would be anything over an 84" blanket size.

Zippered Lycra hoods with a chest piece between the front legs to help stabilize the fit, and a 2" wide elastic bellyband that velcros shut. Available in solids and prints. Machine washable.

$60.00 for all sizes.

These are tie in tailbags (with 2 ties), and come in solids, prints or water resistant lycra.
Lengths are from the tops of the ties: 30" (medium), or 36" (long).
Smalls can be ordered.

Solids and prints = $5.00 each
Water resistant = $10.00 each.

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