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My name is Tish Harris and my company is now named Elegant Show Styles. Many of you may know me under my previous commercial name of Equi-tard. The name change was chosen to reflect the new direction I am going. I now specialize in one of a kind custom fitted outfits for the show ring. In doing so, I've returned to my true passion and roots as a designer and seamstress. This change has been a gradual progression over the years. As a vendor, I've seen firsthand the increased demand for beautiful, unique show clothing.

My passion for design goes back over 30+ years which I have been a professional seamstress. I've held the position of the Head Seamstress/Wardrobe Mistress for a Historical Theatre (no more button fly pants for me thank you!). I've designed and produced Ballroom Dancing Gowns, Professional Belly Dance costumes and reproduction Renaissance costumes, etc... This is in addition to the many costumes created for the horses using my Equi-tards, that have turned the average equine into many a mythical creature.
I still have lycra hoods and full body Equi-Tard coverings for horses, but in very limited quantities.

As a life time horse owner with 28 years of showing experience, I know what goes into making an impression in the show ring. Now as a vendor, I am sharing my years of experience to create a wonderful, unique fashion statement, just for you.

Tish Harris


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